An individualized nutrition plan to promote optimal health & an active lifestyle

Nutrition for Optimal Health

Are you suffering from chronic and/or unexplained health problems?

Do you continue to have symptoms with no diagnosis?

Are you taking more and more medications with little or no relief?

Are you sluggish, tired, and run-down?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, a change in your diet could change your life. It did mine. Please read My Health Journey to see how I went from years of pain and suffering to a healthy and active lifestyle.


Be Well services are designed to:

Help clients identify the root cause of health problem

Develop a nutrition plan that fits the individual biochemical make-up and lifestyle of each client

Provide clients with the necessary tools to achieve optimal health through diet, exercise, and stress reduction

Educate clients how to choose safe personal care and cleaning products 


Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

The food that you eat could be your best medicine. With professional expertise and personal experience, let Lee Anne guide you on the road to optimal health.

Nutrition Therapy

Learn how Lee Anne practices nutrition and why her patients get remarkable results.