Adequate Nourishmenet

To be healthy, we must be adequately nourished. To be adequately nourished, we must not only eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods, but our bodies must be able to utilize the nutrients. Evaluating the physiology, biochemistry, and energy fields of the body is an important aspect of my nutrition assessment. The kind of food we eat, how food is grown and prepared, our lifestyle, our genetic make-up, and the environment in which we live are all significant factors in our health and well-being. What toxins are we breathing, absorbing, or ingesting? How much restful sleep are we getting? How much and what type of exercise do we incorporate into our lives? What is our stress level? In order for our bodies to adequately use the nutrients provided by food, our body as a whole must be healthy. Being knowledgeable and open to both traditional and non-traditional medicine can be beneficial in reaching optimal health.

I Highly Encourage:

Identify Issues

Identifying any health problems that may change the way the body utilizes nutrients.

Eat Healthfully

Eat fresh, whole foods, organic when possible and a rainbow of color daily.


Decrease toxic load by reducing the use of processed foods, toxic household products, toxic body care products, etc.


A regular exercise and sleep schedule

Reduce Stress

Minimize stressors and encourage positive affirmations and spiritual connectedness